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What happens if a voice search is performed

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2022 8:35 am
by saramaria5356
Google featured snippets or Featured Snippets are today one of the most distinctive features if you search by voice or if what you need is a quick response to your queries. Find out what they are and how to get indexed with this modality. SHARE: Without a doubt, one of the main objectives of a search engine is to improve the browsing experience for its users, which is why Google featured snippets offer concrete and direct answers through artificial intelligence. These fragments are extracted directly by Google from a website, after validating if they are relevant, and they respond briefly and concisely to a specific question.

At this point you are probably wondering: How do I identify these featured snippets? What are featured snippets? It refers to Google featured snippets or also called rich snippets, to the special Phone Number List boxes that appear at the top of the search engine, where the best possible response is offered from among the thousands that exist in the browser, to a query on any topic, This without having to enter the website.


However, the box also includes the link and URL to the page. These Google featured snippets appear as soon as you perform a search in the browser; either specifically, or as a question, as if you were questioning another person, as they are also shown when browsing voice search. As Ray Kurzweill, Director of Engineering at Google, said: "Google's mission is to organize and process all the information in the world in order to subsequently be able to maintain an intelligent dialogue with the user.